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Google Adwords Secrets For Success

 Right off the bat, I want to introduce myself briefly so you can know you are not wasting your time reading this.My name is Brandon Jones, and one of my businesses Galaxy Parties, Inc. earns an average of $25,000 per month from Google Adwords.My success with Adwords was so tremendous, that I am now a Google Adwords certified partner, and here’s my story of how I did it, and how you can too…..oh, and I’ll also answer the question “What is Google Adwords?” if you don’t know.

In 2007, I got laid off from Citibank.I’m a really bad dancer, and I’m even worse at being a banker.That mixed with the fact that our economy was plummeting meant I was out of a job in eight months.I was engaged, with no job, no college degree, and no impressive resume.In fact, the only reason I got the job at Citibank is because I had a buddy who worked there and put in a good word for me…..sorry Byron!


With a few thousand dollars left on a credit card, I did what any logical laid off person would do, I bought a clown costume and started a kids entertainment business.I had no idea about internet marketing and had never heard of Google Adwords, so I hired an internet marketing company, and I was off and running….actually more like off and crawling.The results were minimal from this marketing company, and I needed something better.

I saw the ads, like we all do, at the top and right side on Google when I would search stuff, and I thought, “I want to get there.”By the way, that’s what Google Adwords is – the paid search listings top and right on a search page. Does that answer your question, “What is Google Adwords?” I opened an account, in 2008, and everything changed.We closed 2008 at around $60K, 2009 over $100K, 2010 $200K, and we are now averaging around $25K per month.Our website is homemade, and I run the entire organization from home while my kid watches Elmo.How much are our Adwords’ bills every month? About $1500. Is it worth it? I think so.


Okay. Assuming you have your own business, and you’re selling something people actually want to buy and search for online, here are some tips.

#1 OPEN AN ACCOUNT’s free, quick, and easy.In fact search for “$75 Adwords voucher.” Google will pay for your first $75. Now, I won’t bore you with the basics of account set up. You’ll see how to do that when you open an account. I also want to stop for a second and mention that you can buy my full video tutorialon how to set up your Adwords account for maximum success.It’s everything I’ve learned and done over the years.You can buy it here.


Campaigns v.s. Ad Groups.A campaign is the over-arching theme of what you do.Let’s say you are an auto mechanic.You could title your campaign “auto mechanic”, but your ad groups need to be organized by the themes you’ll be advertising for.Here are some examples:

Transmission repair

Tire rotation

Oil Changes

Engine repair

Once your ad groups are created, you need to build keyword lists for each ad group. To do this, go to the keyword tool under “reporting and tools.” Type in a few starter key phrases, click submit, and Adwords will generate similar terms you can add to your list.


These are vital in saving you money. Negative keywords are words that you don’t want to have trigger your ads like free, cheap, etc. You can add these at the campaign or ad group level. Simply click on the keywords tab and scroll all the way to the bottom. You’ll see where to enter them.


One trick to maximizing exposure, and decreasing cost is having a high CTR.CTR (click through rate) is the number of times your ad is clicked compared to how many times it is shown. Google rewards high CTR ads with higher placement for a lower cost per click! To split test your ads, create two ads for each ad group with different ad copy. Let them run for a week or two or until you have decent traffic to determine which ad has the higher CTR. Simply delete the weaker ad and create a new ad to try an out-perform the stronger ad.

Implementing these simple strategies will dramatically lower your costs and increase the quality of your traffic.

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